Hyundai Elevator Launches In USA/Canada

Advance Lift Technologies (ALT), the exclusive distributor of Hyundai Elevator for United States and Canada, introduces Hyundai’s NEW YZER, Machine-Room-Less (MRL) elevator to the market.

Our Products


MRL-Passenger elevators designed for capacities from 2,100 lbs to 3,500 lbs


MRL-Service elevators designed for capacities up to 5,000 lbs

Overhead Traction

Traditional traction elevator with a machine room above the top floor


Available in both In-ground type or hole-less type

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Why Choose Us

Exceptional Quality

Hyundai Elevator’s ride quality and reliability are second to none. You will be impressed with how smooth and quiet Hyundai’s New Yzer can be.

Competitive Pricing

Enabled by Hyundai Elevator’s manufacturing capacity and innovative technologies, we are able to provide you with highest quality products at extremely competitive pricing.


That’s right. Unlike other major elevator manufacturers, we do not hold our customers hostage using proprietary equipment.